Training Services


Personal Training

Personal training at Flex Gym is based on proven methods of strength training and muscle development. Whether you are training for a competition, making gains during the off-season, prepping for a show, or just wanting to look better, Flex has the experience and trainers to get you there.

THREE 30-minute sessions/week……$400/month
TWO 30-minute sessions/week……$300/month
*Independent trainer prices may vary*

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Nutrition Coaching

Do you want to gain muscle, lose fat, prep for a show, or develop healthier eating habits? Our 12-week nutrition program includes a customized nutrition plan, your own personal nutrition coach, and schedule check-ins to keep you accountable and help you crush your goals. Let our team of experienced nutrition coaches help you reach your goals.

12-week nutrition program…..$400

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Show Prep & Posing

Get ready for your next show with the help of Flex Gym’s IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Mercedes Bazemore. Mercedes has over 20 years of experience as a bodybuilder, and her eye is the edge you need to be at the top of your game. She will assess and improve your posing, tweak your diet, and more

*call for pricing*